Welcome to our anniversary web site.

August 22, 2011

Welcome to our newest genealogy web site: a celebration of milestone anniversaries.  We’re moving it from the Omaha Marriages web site and it will continue to grow.  At the present time, these are anniversary announcements from Omaha area newspapers that we find as we index for other important genealogical data.   We think these announcements can also be important because it lets family know that where the couple was when the milestone anniversary was, and may give other important information about the couple.  Sometimes pictures are included (occasionally bridal pictures as well as anniversary pictures.  Look for the “pic” notice to see if there’s a picture listed.)

If you find someone you’re related to on this list, you can get the copy at W. Dale Clark branch of Omaha Public library OR…

1.  $5 to Greater Omaha Genealogical Society, PO Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104-4011

2.  $5 to Genlady@gmail.com.  (Mailing instructions for your check will be given when we receive your request.  We usually email the copy to you often the same day, unless on weekend or holiday.)


What?  You want your relative’s anniversary notice here?  We’re game, but you have to send us a copy of the newspaper notice (scanned images are OK, if readable.)  No charge for posting–BUT, we must have a copy of it from the newspaper it appeared in as well as the following information:

1.  Date it appeared in the newspaper

2.  Name of the newspaper it appeared in & location of publication (what city/state was it published in)

3.  Edition of the paper (if there was a morning & evening edition)

4.  Page number that it was on.

Most of the notices will give the name of the couple (sometimes even the bride’s full maiden name), and sometimes it will say where they were married, if the anniversary was celebrated in a different location from where the couple originated.

There’s no telling if we’ll get any out of area anniversaries to post, but if we do, the same criteria for ordering copies applies.  (Or the reference to the newspaper it appeared in will be on the site with it, so you can also order from a library or genealogy society in that area, if you prefer.  That’s IF anyone sends us any to post.)   If no one does, we’ll take this offer down after a couple months trial.